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Offering High-Quality Walking Aids in Jacksonville, FL

Improve your mobility and make getting around easier with the mobility products offered by Medco, Inc. As a medical supply company, we offer a variety of top branded walkers and walking aids in Jacksonville, FL. Whether you are recovering from an injury or your movement has degraded with age, a walker is the perfect solution to regain freedom and mobility in your daily life.  A walker also helps prevent slips and falls, meaning you will be safer when out and about.

As not all mobility devices are created equally, it is essential to visit our store to discuss your mobility needs with our experienced team. Our walker sales agents can help you choose the walking device that best fits with your daily lifestyle and mobility needs.

Wheelchairs - Walkers & Walking Aids Jacksonville FL

Typical Walker Types

Our company offers a variety of affordable mobility products to assist with your daily life. Some of these include:

Walkers - The standard walker is a three-sided metal frame that helps you keep your balance even when you have weakness in your legs. This solution is ideal for moving short distances and getting around in your home.

Rollators - These are specialized wheeled walkers that can also come with a built-in seat. These walkers are ideal for getting around when out and about.

Walking Sticks and Canes - These traditional aids have been used for centuries and are an easy to use solution.

Industry-Leading Solutions

As a leading distributor of eco-friendly medical supplies, we offer mobility devices and walker rentals from some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Some of the brands we carry include:

  • Nova Ortho-Med®
  • Drive®
  • Invacare®
  • Medline®
  • Essential Medical Supply®