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Versatile Medical Equipment Supplier in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you are dealing with specific medical conditions, disorders, or recovering from an illness or injury, we can make your life more comfortable. As a medical equipment supplier in Jacksonville, FL, we see more and more people who encounter difficulties and don’t know where to turn.

The staff at Medco, Inc. are here to help you in whatever way we can. Our company offers quality, affordable solutions for all your home health care needs. You can’t always plan for things that happen in life. Our team understands that when life happens, you often need help to get through a difficult recovery time. We are here to make that recovery time easier.

It’s essential that you focus on your recovery. Our inventory contains just the right home medical equipment to meet your needs while you regain mobility or make your transition from hospital to home a little easier. Some of the inventory we offer includes:

Walkers & Walking Aids
Manual Wheelchairs
Electric Wheelchairs & Scooters
Stationary Ramps
Portable Ramps
Electric Hospital Beds
Lift Chairs
Oxygen Concentrators
Bathroom Equipment

Medical Equipment in Jacksonville, FL.

Your Trusted Medical Equipment Company

It’s easy enough to understand that trying to recover from an illness or injury can be difficult enough. You don’t need to stress out about getting the help you need during your recovery. Our medical equipment is available to you at an affordable rate. We fully understand that a result of not using the proper equipment during your recovery time can result in further complications. Our medical equipment store is prepared to help swiftly, so you don’t have to encounter any more problems.

The critical point is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive equipment to assist you during your recovery period. Our rentals are a perfect choice. The reason we can keep our pricing affordable is that when you complete your recovery period, you return the equipment to us and it is put back into our inventory for the next person who needs it. It’s a definite win, win situation. Learn more about everything we offer to assist your recovery by reaching out to our staff today.

Contact our medical equipment rental company today for durable medical equipment. We proudly serve Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding area.