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Move Freely with Power Chairs in Jacksonville, FL

With Medco Inc., you have the power to be mobile again. We are a leading supplier of power chairs in Jacksonville, FL. At our company, we believe in giving patients the freedom to travel once more. Our motorized chairs are designed with comfort and customizability in mind, giving you a better range of movement. Visit us today and learn how to move while saving your energy.

Mobility is something many of us take for granted. If circumstances have left you in a less than ideal situation, have comfort in knowing that we are here to help. Our medical equipment specialists are ready to guide you towards finding the right motorized wheelchair that will fit your needs. We listen to your concerns and adapt accordingly, ensuring you attain a unit that accommodates your budget and lifestyle.

We’ve teamed up with the leading power chair manufacturers to offer a wide-ranging selection of products. Our store offers models from well-known brands, including Pride, Invacare, Drive, and EZ Access.

The Advantages of Electrical Scooters

Many factors come into play that may reduce or severely inhibit your ability to move under your own power. Age, disability, an accident, or the complications of surgery can all make it difficult--or even dangerous and impossible--to run or walk. With a motorized wheelchair or scooter, you regain your mobility without sacrificing your strength, energy, or safety.

One of the leading advantages of a powered chair is its ability to conserve a user’s strength. Depending on your circumstances, walking for prolonged periods can be physically taxing. While a manual-style wheelchair can greatly improve your mobility, the action of operating it can also take its toll. A motorized scooter or wheelchair allows you to travel while saving your strength for more important tasks.

Comfort and convenience are also driving factors toward investing in this medical equipment. Many scooters and wheelchairs come equipped with independent power sources, which give a greater range of movement compared to an unpowered apparatus. You may also customize these chairs with storage bins and different seating configurations, which can make handling tasks like grocery shopping easier.

Many powered chair users love the independence that their equipment brings. Mobility often makes the difference between being able to live in your home or an assisted living facility. Powered wheelchairs and scooters empower you to stay mobile while managing the risk of injury.

Power Chairs in Jacksonville, FL

Helping You Find a Chair That Fits

At our medical equipment company, we believe in helping our clients retain their mobility and independence. To that end, we are committed to providing a completely personalized shopping experience. We will work with you to design and build a scooter or wheelchair to your specifications.

Naturally, adding a powered chair to your home will also affect how you use your property. Our team is here to help you get the most from your investment. We can also assist you in choosing portable ramps that will make your home wheelchair-accessible. At our store, you will find mobility solutions that will fit your budget. Visit us today and learn what we have to offer.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for a powered chair. We are located in Orange Park, FL, and serve clients throughout the surrounding area.