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Convenient Delivery of Your Medical Supplies in Jacksonville, FL

Since 2005, the medical supply industry has almost doubled in size, with many people choosing supply delivery over traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. The growth and popularity of medical supplies in Jacksonville, FL, is expected to continue, and supply delivery will overtake retailers as the primary method of receiving medical supplies. 

Here are the top two reasons people are choosing medical supplies delivery:

 Enhanced Privacy

HIPAA and other regulatory policies regulate businesses serving healthcare clients. That’s where the differences between retailers and medical suppliers begin. Medical suppliers follow HIPAA and other privacy regulations strictly, and every transaction is confidential. Customers can find and order their products while avoiding the potential embarrassment of shopping in public stores.  

Better Service

Customer support is a challenge for brick-and-mortar medical supplies retailers. Most stores don’t always have product experts on hand to answer questions. This leaves customers relying on packaging descriptions to make the right choices. As their questions may be related to sensitive medical issues, some people also don’t feel comfortable discussing them face-to-face. In addition, because there are no retail spaces to maintain, there is greater potential to invest in teams dedicated to educating customers.

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