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Power Chairs in Jacksonville, FL

Power mobility options for scooters and wheelchairs are a necessity for some people, especially if they do not have the strength or stamina to use a standard manual wheelchair. Medco Inc. provides motorized scooters and power chairs in Jacksonville, FL, for customers with limited mobility. We serve a multitude of clients who want to enjoy the freedom to travel freely again. Comfortable and customizable, motorized chairs allow you to quickly maneuver throughout your home, neighborhood, store, or workplace without expending all of your energy. 

Finding out what type of wheelchair is the right selection for you is very important and the specialists at our medical supply store are ready to guide you towards the best option. When your needs and mobility abilities point you towards an electric scooter or wheelchair, our specialists will be there to offer you the finest selections from such companies as Pride, Invacare, Drive, and EZ Access. 

We also provide used mobility scooters, previously-owned wheelchairs, refurbished scooters, and like-new electric wheelchairs, to give you an economical option as well. These electronic mobility products are available to customers located throughout the communities of Jacksonville, Orange Park, Mandarin, Fleming Island, and Middleburg, Florida, as well as the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Electric Scooters

Using an electric wheelchair or scooter is one of the best ways for you to conserve energy as you travel around town. Saving your strength is especially important for people dealing with disabilities. Many of the patients we serve can quickly tire out when they are forced to use a manual-style wheelchair during their busy day. Even a trip to the grocery store can quickly become a journey. 

With so much area to cover, you need a mobility option that is capable of traveling a great distance on a limited charge. Comfort also matters when it comes to the wheelchair or scooter that you choose. Before making a purchasing decision, you need a host of options. Our group provides you with those options, and we take the time to listen to your needs. When you own your scooter, you won’t have to wait in line while the store carts are all in use. You get your shopping done quickly, and you have more energy to spare when the grandkids arrive in the afternoon.

Maintaining your independence shouldn’t be an exhausting enterprise. Imagine how enjoyable a trip to the mall will be now that you have a reliable mobility option that you can count on. Mobility often makes a difference when it comes to the choice between keeping the home you own and moving to a managed care facility. You can efficiently manage your risk for injury as well as stay active and fresh throughout the day when you have the right scooter or motorized chair.

Power Chairs in Jacksonville, FL

A Motorized Wheelchair That Fits

Both types of chairs are designed to handle a variety of different terrains, which means moving up or down hills won't become a challenge or danger. Additionally, many of the wheelchairs and scooters we have available are customizable, so that you can adjust everything to the perfect comfort level. Available options include adding new seat and back cushions, changing the tilt, or incorporating a reclining feature so you can take pressure off of your muscles when you find yourself sitting in your chair for long periods of time. Learn more about all of the different types of electronic mobility devices we have available for you by visiting our store for more information.

We want you to be happy with the wheelchair or scooter you choose. A motorized mobility option is not an expensive extravagance when you consider the risks involved with living at home in your golden years. If you are an aging senior, you deserve to enjoy as many years of independent living as possible. For those who have an aging loved one living by themselves, it is essential to keep in mind how valuable the peace of mind that a mobility option provides you can be.

Once you have chosen the right mobility option, it is critical that you evaluate the potential obstacles in your home. Many historic homes in Springfield and Riverside require both stationary and portable ramps. Our team can provide you with a broad array of options that fit your needs and your budget as well. We understand that you need affordable solutions at this point in your life. Whether you are recovering from an injury or in need of a mobility option that helps you maintain your independence later in life, this group is ready to make a difference. Every member of our family is prepared to treat you like family.

Contact us today to learn more about which of our power chairs is the right mobility option for you. We proudly serve customers in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Mandarin, Fleming Island, and Middleburg, Florida, and surrounding communities.